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Surgical Techniques

Watch videos showing new emerging surgical techniques, instruments, and procedures in the vitreoretinal field.

PUREPOINT® Laser Control Features

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Assurance of voice confirmation technology

Cataract Laser
  • The first freestanding 532nm photocoagulator with integrated voice confirmation technology
  • Voice notification of parameter changes
  • Voice verification of laser accessory insertions including endoprobe, LIO, slit lamp, and protection filters

Versatility of a multifunctional foot pedal

Cataract Laser Versatility
  • Surgeon control of standby to ready
  • Surgeon control of power settings
  • Customizable side switches
  • Frees your OR staff for other duties, helping to increase productivity

Ease of use with EnGauge® Radio Frequency Identification Device

Cataract Laser Ease of Use
  • EnGauge® Radio Frequency Identification Device automatically recognizes the type of device being connected
  • Laser device settings are automatically loaded

Efficiency of dual laser ports

Cataract Laser Efficiency
  • Dual ports allow multiple device connections, reducing switching time
  • Push a single button to switch between endoprobe and LIO